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Hair loss or thinning hair can be very troubling for anyone. Whether you’re young or old, your hair is one of the most important assets of your physical appearance. There are many products in the market that offer hair growing solutions, like shampoos, serums, creams, lasers and more. Hair loss is a serious problem, but it does not mean that there is no way out. Now, there is a product that people can have to speed up hair growth and look younger again. You can now solve your hair loss problems through iGrow Laser.

What is iGrow Laser?

iGrow Laser is something new as a hairgrower product that revolutionizes hair growth and rejuvenation. This is a helmet-type device that has a patent-pending combination of LED light devices and built-in laser technology. It claims to help people with hair loss problems in attaining optimal health for the hair, right at the convenience of your own home.

How did the laser technology for the hair start and why has it become very popular nowadays? It was back in 1967, that Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University was able to observe that by using the right light directed on the skin cells, they became healthier and have noticeable hair growth. Apira Science, the company that developed and continued the research picked up the ideas of Professor Mester.

This product is now considered to be the latest when it comes to laser-based hair rejuvenation. One of the reasons why iGrow has become popular among people who have hair problems is that unlike others, this product is a stylish and wearable device. This has 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights. The output of these lasers ranges between 650 nm and 670 nm. This puts the lasers in the exact range in aiding the treatment of hair loss. The output of the laser diodes on the other hand is 5mw. These lasers belong to the ‘Cold Laser’ category.

The iGrow Laser also includes a remote that has been programmed to make it possible for both men and women to use it and have the desired effects. It also has a built-in set of headphones, which can be used for your music player like the iPod or other brands of MP3 players.

Features and Benefits

The iGrow Laser for Men and Women has the most features out of the other three units from other brands that offer the same technology. One advantage of the iGrow Laser is that the control unit that is included in the set has buttons that can activate the pre-programmed timing and area sessions for anyone using it. The headphones that are built right into the head unit are also very beneficial for those who love to listen to music while having their hair rejuvenation therapy. You can plug your music player in to make your session more relaxing.

Here are some of the other benefits that people who have hair loss problems can get out of purchasing the iGrow Laser.

> Affordable
> Safe
> Fast-acting
>Complete Scalp Coverage
> Compatible with other treatments
> Programmed for Men and Women
> iPod/MP3 compatible
> Adjustable to fit any head size
> Portable
> Convenient


There have already been several studies that prove that hair responds best to red light in the 650 – 670 nm wavelength range. Other tests have also shown that pulsing light can improve the effectiveness of a technology like Low Level Laser Therapy. In fact, there are hundreds of clinical studies that showed results of the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT). This is based on various conditions including acne, carpal tunnel syndrome and most especially hair loss. This is why iGrow is now the world’s most technologically advanced hands-free hair rejuvenation system. Not only the studies show positive results, but people who have used the product for a couple of months have noticed a significant difference on their hair growth.

What People Are Saying About iGrow

Here are two of the best reviews made by people who purchased the product. These came from

“I have been looking to purchase an at home laser for some time now, but couldnt seem to find one that I could afford that would work well also. Purchased the igrow kit a couple months ago and seeing great results already. To see less shedding each day feels amazing!”

“I had a hair comb for many years and felt it gave ok results. I found the igrow online and think it is a way batter option for a home laser. It works very well and I like that I don’t have to hold it and move it across my hair.”

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Where and How To Buy iGrow

The iGrow Laser is priced at $695. It has a 6-month guarantee. Interested buyers can purchase directly from their official website, or It is also available for purchase at

There are even promotions that will let you trade in your existing laser brush or laser comb and then get a $100 rebate. It is important to remember that the 6-month gaurantee only applies to iGrow Laser products that were bought in its original retail price. Moreover, there will be no refund on the shipping and handling. It is also good to note that the unit should be returned not later than 6 calendar months since the item was purchased. This should also be in its original packaging and should be in good working condition. A verification number is needed in order to send back the package and this can be done by calling 480-222-4247.

Things to Consider

As a whole the product is good for hair loss problems among men and women, but there are still skeptics. This is due to the fact that there are more LED lights than laser lights. Lasers are more known when it comes to treating hair loss. LEDs do not really have enough studies to back up its effectiveness in treating hair loss, except for improving the skin tone. The disadvantage is that people need to understand more the role of LEDs, given that there are more of these in the device compared to the lasers. The lasers are also spaced far apart. Another concern is that despite the adjustable size, there are those who say that the fit of the device does not work well for them.

Final Verdict

Overall, the iGrow Laser is a better alternative to laser brushes and combs, or the plain use of creams and shampoos. The makers of iGrow Laser, however, encourage to maximize all the possible treatments. The use of this product along with other creams and shampoos to aid hair loss is alright. Nowadays, owning an iGrow Laser is the more practical choice.

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