6 Perfect School Lunch Ideas

Annie Rose packs 6 school lunch and meal ideas that are healthy and tasty in the most amazing PackIt lunch bags that freeze in the freezer overnight! If you want ideas for the following meals when you are going back to school; Gluten free, All day, breakfast & lunch only, just lunch, just snack, Frozen lunches then this is the video for you! Annie Rose is joined by her busy sister, Laura, who goes to school 3 days a week and dances 22 hours a week! She knows how to plan and pack meals that are healthy and nutritious!

1) If you are Gluten free – you need to think ahead, but there are great options and they will fit perfectly in the Mod Lunch Bento boxes and Freezable Hampton Lunch Bags from PackIt.

2) If you go to school all day and then go to after school activities then you need to really think ahead and have to pack for school for a full day then PackIt has the perfect lunch bags and bento boxes that are freezable and easy to use and large enough to pack food for the whole day!

3) Perhaps you get up early in the morning for sports or dance classes and stay until noon and get home for afternoon zoom classes, PackIt has the perfect midsize lunch boxes.

4) If you are only out for one meal of the day, but home for the rest, again there is the option of the Mod Lunch Bento or a smaller option Mod Snack Bento and PackIt’s Lunch Bags.

5) If you homeschool or are traveling and just need a cold snack with you then can pack a small snack or even meds or make up in this gel cooling Freezable Snack Bag from PackIt!!

6) All of the packit lunch sacks, like this Classic Lunch Box, can be placed in the freezer overnight and are ready to be packed in the morning with your lunch and keep everything cool!

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If you want to WIN one of these amazing lunch bags AND a bento box then go to Annie’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itsannierose
1) Follow Annie & @PackItCool 2) Comment your favorite food emojis & tag 2 friends who’d love PackIt 3) Tell me which of the 6 school meals on my recent YouTube video most describes you

**Must be 18 + or have a parent’s permission to enter as the winner will have to dm me a mailing address if you win! Open to US residents only

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